Martin Gordon - Director

Martin founded MundoNovus in order to use his knowledge and skills along with his associates to help organisations and individuals cope with change. Change that is increasing in rate exponentially due to technological advances, political decision making and social, economic and environmental pressures. Having worked in creative industries for over 20 years Martin has engaged with creative thought and practice and spent many years researching what creativity is and how it occurs successfully. Some of the work he has been involved in includes:

  • Designing award winning campaigns for clients and employers that include the NHS, Ministry of Sound, BBC, Moving Brands and many more;
  • Creating Audio and Visual content for education packages for both schools and blue chip commercial clients;
  • Running a successful digital agency for over a decade;
  • Bringing streaming media to Ministry of Sound’s online platform in the late 90’s when streaming was in it’s infancy;
  • Creating and facilitating creative workshops to aid clients such as GSK’s ViiV Healthcare develop projects;

Continuing this passion for creativity through study of the work of Edward De Bono, Michalko, Sir Ken Robinson, Bill Drummond, John Hegarty, Dave Trott, John Lasseter, Marshall Rosenborg and many more thinkers and practitioners has lead Martin to this point of creating MundoNovus. Distilling all his knowledge and skills into the workshops, methods and the play centred philosophy of MundoNovus.

Clear • Simple • Play