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At MundoNovus we believe that play is a tool that can be put to good use in order to develop an innovative business. We can help expose new ideas and break you out of old thinking patterns. We do this through structured play using techniques such as Game Storming, Improv, Design Thinking and the Lego® Serious Play® Method. These techniques promote new ways of learning, innovating and engaging your whole organisation. The result will see your organisation becoming dynamic and resilient enough to cope with and lead in this environment of perpetual change.

Play is a very serious business, just watch young children to see how fully submerged they are in their play world and how serious it is to them. This leads them to deeper insights into the real world and can do similar things for you and your organisation.

Innovation is important for every organisation to be successful. But especially so in a business environment where change is our only constant.

The slowest rate of change we will experience is the rate we are experiencing today. Because of this constant change we will need to search out new possibilities, fresh ideas and new perspectives. We will need to do this in order to create an innovative business and elevate our way of life to meet the challenges that face us. We can design our businesses, products and services to adapt to the needs of the society they serve.

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