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We help leaders, teams and individuals collaborate better, generate more ideas and create dynamic transformational strategies through playful facilitation.

Let us help you create your new world.

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Martin Gordon - Founder of MundoNovus

A Message From Our Founder

Why do we promote playful workspaces?

Complex problems and transformative change can be scary. Coping with the unknown requires us to set aside our fears, or, at least find ways to stop them dominating our actions.

A playful mindset allows us to do that. Play is the chemistry of yes and with it things become possible, ideas get explored more deeply and shared more readily. Added to this a playful mindset allows us to build and cement relationships that open the door to possibilities.

Adding playfulness to your work and your team can give your business a new edge.

This Is How We Do It



MundoNovus provides workshops that can help develop strategy, solve problems, surface opportunities and threats and provide game-changing ideas.
Talks & Keynotes

Talks & Keynotes

MundoNovus has been asked to speak at events for various organisations on how playful approaches can help teams embrace divergent thinking or cope with challenges.
News & Insights

News & Insights

Our articles and posts can offer insights into how useful a playful mindset can be to your team and your organisation. Read some of our articles here.
Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

For a meeting to be truly useful to everyone who attends there needs to be 100% engagement and that means everyone sharing their thoughts and hearing from everyone else. We offer facilitation to allow this to happen.

Certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation

Lego Serious Play is a facilitated meeting, problem solving, ideas generating and communication method. Using Lego block building to build models in response to a series of questions designed to go deeper into the subject of the meeting or workshop.

By responding to the facilitators questions the participants can build models, shared models and system models that serve as a way to help knowledge and ideas emerge, discussions to take place, decisions to be made and consensus to occur.

This is what our clients and associates say...

Through the use of Lego Serious Play and other approaches, Martin really helped us to get to the root of what we believe to be important, both as individuals and as a group. Highly recommended.
Dr Jonathan A Green | Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology, Liverpool University
Martin and the Lego tools helped us to think more deeply about the challenges we face and what we might do to tackle them. Lego Serious Play was a creative, reflective, mind-stretching experience. Highly recommended!
Kate Parr, Professor of Tropical Ecology, University of Liverpool
Martin Gordon has helped us over the years at Stay Up Late and on the Gig Buddies campaign to align the work we are doing and the presentation of it online with our needs. His workshops allow us all to get creative and collaborate well on getting the most ideas out into the room.
Paul Richards, Director of Stay Up Late
I have worked with Martin Gordon on a number of successful projects over the years. Martin’s design thinking workshops have fostered a fantastic creative atmosphere and delivered positive collaboration between participants.
Mark Ralphs, Partner, Good Rebels
Mart is a genuinely nice guy with more experience than you could shake a very big stick at. He’ll guide your business from start to finish and take its brand to the highest levels. A valuable member of any business or team.
Kevin Wilson, Equiniti
Mart is a purpose-driven man, with a background in design, now working in the innovation space – helping organisations solve the problems that matter in some pretty ingenious ways – Lego being one of them. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!!!
Matt Matheson, The Speaking Coach

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