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Why choose play as a solution?

Everyone knows how to play, what we lack is the permission. Permission from ourselves in the first instance, which we also project onto others. We feel we might seem foolish and are afraid of making mistakes, but the beauty is that there are no mistakes when we play.

Play allows us to do many things that normal, day-to-day business does not. We can equalise our roles in play, so the power in the room is not sitting in one person. We can allow each person’s story to be told, and gain insights that might not be found otherwise. We can see things from different perspectives, and even breakout from the habits that often do not contribute to our business goals.

Various play items
Man in Rockstar Air Guitar Pose

At MundoNovus, we facilitate meetings, innovation cycles, open spaces and thinking sessions. We use various tools and techniques to enable this, from Lego® Serious Play®, Improv, Design Thinking and various Games. We hold workshops that can find the shared values of your organisation or team. We even design and facilitate workshops that can help you kill your organisation, to make you aware of the risks and opportunities you may be overlooking.

Innovation and Reinvention of your business requires specialised tools and we can assemble a programme to fit your requirements.

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