About MundoNovus

Why we do what we do

MundoNovus is a creative and innovation consultancy founded by Martin Gordon.

Our mission is to help organisations unearth the overlooked creative knowledge and ideas in their people. To do this, we facilitate workshops in Applied Improv, Design Thinking, Game-storming and Lego® Serious Play®.

Using these techniques, we tailor playful workshops to suit the needs of your teams and organisation. MundoNovus can also uncover those needs and align them with your business purpose. We focus on outcomes, not meetings, and setting objectives, not agendas.

MundoNovus is based in the North West of England. Our workshops are able to travel, and we have delivered workshops in Liverpool, Manchester, London and Brighton, as well as places in between.

MundoNovus loosely means New World. Our ultimate goal is to define that world through discovery through play.

Lego Serious Play - Talking around the elephant in the room

Why do we use play?

Play can allow us to be more comfortable tackling uncertainty. This is like a superpower in this modern world where change is accelerating and ever-present. Play can also help us build stronger relationships in our teams and access that flow mindset, allowing us to act at the top of our game. Read more about the benefits of play in the workspace here:

It is not about Foosball tables and beanbags, or even encouraging a drinking culture. It is about allowing employees to feel fully engaged and encouraging them to engage with each other. This will create the environment where our work can be the best it can be, while also being fun to engage with.

Our Values

  • We believe that today is going to be the day with the slowest rate of change we will see
  • We partner with our clients to solve problems, build teams and create strategies that work for them
  • We trust in creative practices to find innovative ways to adapt to the exponential rate of change
  • We want to hear from everyone in the organisation. This way we can gain every possible insight and develop stronger ideas
  • We work to change mind-sets and develop strategies by using creative play
  • We bring creative play methods to achieve this

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