Game Storming

Using games to collaborate across teams

Game Storming allows us to approach challenges in an organisation, so that we fully explore ideas, opportunities and challenges. The technique helps us uncover profound insights without any prejudgment or bias. With our bespoke workshops, you can create more freely and have dynamic strategies to succeed. We use Game Storming to steer away from rigid plans that, if they fail, are likely to send us back to square one.

Finding solutions by playing games

Using game storming allows the organisation to constantly revise and adjust the strategy used based on what is learned.

When can Game Storming be useful?

Our Game Storming workshops are useful in many circumstances, such as:

  • If we want to create dynamic strategies that can change as we learn more
  • When we want rapid idea sharing and rapid opinion gathering
  • Exploring multifaceted problems and discovering emergent solutions
  • There is a need to contextualise problems
  • Discovering shared values and creating a mission or purpose based on those values
  • Preempting failure and discovering strategies to avoid it
  • Going deeper than ordinary conversation allows
  • Encouraging everyone to participate and every voice to be heard

]Once we enter our game world we can open up to limitless possibilities. Get in touch to book your bespoke Game Storming workshop

Game Storming in the Workplace

Game Storming is about agreeing to a new set of rules to play by. Creating a game space allows us to play by different rules and step out of our usual personality. This encourages us to explore in a very different way and find insights we may not be aware of.

As in our Lego Serious PlayImprov and Design Thinking workshops Game Storming provides a safe space for testing assumptions and trying out ideas without prejudging.

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