Are we what we do?

Are we defining our personalities by our professional life?

Delightful Dissent Podcast - with Mart Gordon of MundoNovus

On Wednesday the 24th of November I had a long conversation with Matthew Bellringer on his Webcast Delightful Dissent. We tackled the subject “Are we what we do?” and we also looked at that from the reverse of allowing our professional lives to be defined by who we are. It is a discussion born out of our shared curiosity and is wide-ranging taking in elements of curiosity, complexity, creativity and of course how play fits into all of these areas.

I have had many wonderful conversations and discussions with Matthew in the years we have known one another. As a result we have developed a mutual respect in the curiosities of our different avenues of work. We also support one another where our work intersects.

Some of the topics brought up in this discussion include:

For more of Matthew’s webcasts with various other participants on wide ranging topics surrounding Neurodivergence within the workplace see the Delightful Dissent YouTube channel here.

Get in touch with us and we can help your organisation and teams explore Creativity, Divergence, Curiosity and how they can help your work. Let’s play!

By: Mart Gordon

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