Design Thinking for Pharma

We partnered with Good Rebels to help a healthcare offshoot of GSK to create a positive look to promote their innovation platform. The goal was to foster the development of a collaborative global community of problem-solvers whose purpose is to end the global AIDS/HIV epidemic.

ViiV Healthcare required a set of workshops in order to create a coherent approach to their Positive Action Challenges innovation platform. Partnering with Good Rebels, Martin Gordon provided design thinking workshops utilising a variety of game storming methods. The outcome of this set of workshops and methods was a set of principles that helped guide the team in designing the platform and in writing the supporting content.

Techniques Used:

  • CrazyLove game used for understanding what is wrong and right within the current system (some people refer to it as Pain/Gain mapping)
  • Ideation using independent and collaborative techniques
  • Affinity mapping used to sort ideas and spot meanings and patterns
  • The 4Cs to explore the Components, Characteristics, Challenges and Characters that make up the system
  • Character research and user story creation

This is what the clients said...

I have worked with Martin Gordon on a number of successful projects over the years. Martin’s design thinking workshops have fostered a fantastic creative atmosphere and delivered positive collaboration between participants.

We found that the best answers and ways forward emerge from inspiring and involving the whole team, which is exactly what Mart does! Highly recommended.

Mark Ralphs | Partner, Good Rebels

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