Innovation for the NHS

Working with Liverpool Comedy Improv and NHS Innovation Agency NWC

We worked with Liverpool Comedy Improv to deliver a short series of events for NHS Innovation Agency NWC. These events focused on innovation and doing things differently. Using Applied Improv we put together a program of playful exercises on breaking down silos, collaboration, team bonding, creative thinking, innovation, listening and communication skills, and transferring a ‘yes and’ mindset into their workspace.

Set over two dates in October 2019 and March 2020 we focussed on applying Improv to:

  • Generate ideas more quickly
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Create ensembles that rise to every occasion
  • Create open dialogue with employees and customers
  • Break down organisational silos that threaten collaborative success.
  • Make something out of nothing.

We practiced a number of playful exercises and games designed to aid teams with:

  • Embracing Failure
  • Listening
  • Innovation In a Team

Some of these exercises and games included:

  • Listening & Communication Exercises
  • Lego Duck Challenge
  • Innovation / Creativity In A Team and
  • Improv Scenes For Innovation

We also followed up with a reflective period as a larger group in order to allow participants to share elements they plan to take into their work.


This is what the clients said...

I felt relaxed and able to engage without being judged. I laughed at our antics. It was great watching others relax and enjoy themselves in a controlled environment

Delegate - NHS Innovation Scouts

I enjoyed how creative and unexpected it was, how it put everyone on the same level and removed hierarchy. I would love to do this with our senior leaders, to remove fear

Delegate - NHS Innovation Scouts

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Improv session that you did at the Innovation Scouts event in October. I would not normally think that Improv was my kind of thing, but when I gave it a go and got into it, it was really good. It was amazing what you learnt without even realising it.

Innovation Co-ordinator for the Trust

Gaining trust through vulnerability, the power of saying yes, and look at how we continue to improve to meet the needs of all the patients, not the system

Delegate - NHS Innovation Scouts

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