Value in social enterprise

We have long been interested in social enterprises due to the way many view their purpose as their goal and their work as either directly achieving that or as a tool to achieve that. For example, our friends Y.O.U Underwear use their ethical business as a means to create social and environmental impact. Helping a young social enterprise that aims at giving young people a start in the catering industry felt like a great fit for our work.

This young social enterprise is in the very early stages of development but wanted to find a way of expressing the concept of their offering to a variety of users. Working on this we looked into what they were struggling with and it seems they could not simply articulate the proposition and more importantly the value they added through their proposition.

MundoNovus devised a full day Lego Serious Play Workshop to explore the concepts involved with the problem. We used the LSP method to:

Techniques used

  • Identify the different types of user they wished to express their value proposition to
  • Explore the offering they had designed
  • Surface the pains they were attempting to clear
  • Surface the gains they were planning to make
  • Mapped this all into a landscape using the Value Proposition Canvas designed by Strategyzer

The outcome of this is still ongoing but presently they are attempting to design in some gains that will combat some of the pains they had not previously considered. LSP helped the participants to see more than they had from previous traditional meetings which is helping to make their value proposition stronger.

This is what the clients said...

Mart’s workshop has helped us visualise what our work could provide for us as a team.

We also gained a shared understanding of what we wanted to do and why each of us want to do it.

The Lego really helped us have conversations we’ve been meaning to have.


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