Shared Values, How do we Create them

Business can be complex, finding our shared values can simplify working together

Shared Values

Have you ever shared your values with your colleagues or partners? What about creating a shared set of values? Many organisations have never attempted to do this.

Creating shared values could be key to creating a harmonious team and recruiting the right members to that team.

How values make it easier to team up

Over a decade ago, Adidas teamed with the Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus. Through working with Yunus’s micro-finance organisation Grameen Bank, Adidas was part of one of the most successful Corporate Social Responsibility programmes I have seen. The idea was to provide good quality footwear to people in India who had limited means to ordinarily access such products.

The project spotted how shared value can be built to bridge between the social need of the end customer and the business needs of Adidas.

How can we use Shared Values in our businesses?

Knowing the values you have enables you to take advantage of them to:

  • Create simple principles to work to
  • Recruit others who share your values
  • Find new opportunities that align to your values
  • Collaborate with other organisations
  • Check your decisions to make sure they align with your values

Playful ways to explore your values

We provide numerous ways to explore your values via playful facilitated workshops using games and story sharing. Using these techniques commonalities can emerge and be built upon to find the right shared values for you.

These can include:

Get in touch with us and we can help your organisation and teams explore Shared Values and how they can help your work. Let’s play!

By: Mart Gordon

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