Our Workshops

Why do you need a creative workshop?

Imagine having meetings and workshops where instead of 80% of the ideas and insights coming from 20% of those present, 100% of the ideas and insights came from 100% of the people in the room. What riches can be found in that breadth of experience and ideas?

With the use of our workshops we aim to provide meetings where 100% of the people in the room offer 100% of their ideas, insights, concerns, opportunities, objectives and so on.

Whether you are looking for ideas, team building, goal setting, sharing a vision, values or behaviours we can offer a facilitated workshop specifically designed to meet your required outcomes.

Creating PlaySpace in your WorkPlace

If you need help in creating a playspace within your organisation we can help with that. We can offer:

  • Advice on how to get started with using games and play methods
  • Design of playspace
  • Strategies of using elements of play within your organisation

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work with you to facilitate a serious play environment.